More than Ivory: Standing with the Elephant

IMG_2831For years, many people have asked me about the sculpture, titled “Elephant Shadow,” that reserves a special space on my business card. I attempted to capture the mystifying spirit of this powerful creature, but I also wanted to convey my own devastation at humankind’s destruction over this earth. In a way, the piece felt like an apology to the natural elements that we have so carelessly destroyed.

It sounds like a pretty heavy topic, and while this is true, the piece was also a way for me to express a sense of hopefulness — that we can tread more lightly on this earth, with more respect for all creatures and the environment.

This is on my mind more than ever since the birth of my son, who’s now two years old. I think we can agree that this message still needs to be heard — wildlife organizations fear the African elephant could be extinct in the next decade or two. I’m interested in creating art that inspires rich conversation in families and our communities and reminds us of who we must strive to be, so that the power of our natural world is still here for future generations. Let’s use art to inspire change!

Contact for dimensions and pricing on this new piece.

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