Tafura’s stone sculpture are created using hand tools, which allow him to maintain a more intimate connection with each raw stone he works on. The most beautiful, impactful stone sculptures are those that are driven by the unique, natural qualities of the stone.

“If I try to impose my own artistic ideas on a piece of stone, disregarding what it inherently has to offer, I miss out on capturing its full potential. There is power that resides in each raw stone and rather than competing with that, it’s my job to channel that power.”

“By carving stone quarried from Zimbabwe and continuing the artistic knowledge of the generations that came before me, I feel a connection to my place of birth and my culture. As an artist, I also feel a tremendous amount of freedom to explore new inspiration and themes in my stone sculpture, influenced by my intercultural experience, my new perspective as a father, and my desire to maintain my culture in this rapidly changing society.”