SaToro Tafura

SaToro Tafura’s stone sculpture has received international acclaim and he has been recognized as one of the most promising stone sculptors of his generation.

Tafura harnesses his unique artistic sensibility to speak to and listen to stone, resulting in distinctly powerful stone sculptures that transcend time and geographical space. Tafura’s stone sculpture affirms the values and wisdom of Shona culture and reflects themes that resonate universally. Tafura is the first Zimbabwean to cast his one-of-a-kind stone sculpture in bronze on a large scale.

Tafura is based in Longmont, Colorado and enjoys returning to Zimbabwe each year, where he sculpts alongside his mother, renown stone sculptor, Agnes Nyanhongo.

Tafura is currently working on a 11.5 ton stone sculpture, a private commission, in South Denver. He’s also in the process of producing his first documentary film, delving into the complex origins of stone sculpture in Zimbabwe.

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